Join Us

The Brazos Valley Kennel Club is open to anyone with an interest in dogs who isn’t on probation or suspended from the American Kennel Club. The BVKC seeks those interested in furthering the objectives and purposes of the BVKC: continuing improvement of purebred dogs, protecting the interests of dog owners/fanciers, encouraging the owning/training/exhibiting of purebred dogs, and holding dog events (shows/matches, trials, classes, public education, etc.). You do not need to currently own a purebred dog to join the BVKC — just have an interest in them. Joining a kennel club before making your first show/competition dog purchase is an excellent way to make contacts with responsible breeders.
To join the BVKC, follow these simple steps:

Visit a BVKC meeting or event to pick up a membership application, or download one here and bring it to the next meeting. Our next meeting date is always posted on the News page.

Along with your membership application, you’ll need to submit your membership dues for the current (or next year, if you are applying late in the year).

Membership Categories and Dues

  • Individual Full Membership = $15 A Full Member has voting privileges and may hold office, but they are also required to attend at least 4 meetings a year and assist with at least one event.
  • Individual Associate Membership = $10 An Associate Member cannot vote or hold office, but they may serve on Committees (or even chair them) and are eligible for all other membership benefits (attending events, discounts, email notices, etc.). An Associate also isn’t required to attend a specific number of meetings or events since they don’t affect quorums for meetings. This is perfect for busy individuals who may not be able to attend meetings on a regular basis.
  • Family Membership = $20 A Family Membership includes two adults residing in the same residence and any number of children (9-17 yrs) also in that residence. The two adults have the choice of being Full or Associate Members and the children are Junior Members.
  • Junior Membership = free, with an adult membership Junior Members are the children of adult members of the BVKC who are between 9 and 17 years of age and cannot vote or hold office. This age range is eligible to compete in Junior Showmanship and attend BVKC dog events.
  • After submitting your application and dues at one meeting, your application will be read at two monthly meetings.
  • If you are applying for Full Membership, you need to be present for these readings. These two meetings will also give you a chance to get to know current members and for them to learn more about you. You will also be able to find out about upcoming BVKC events and activities that you may be interested in participating in.
  • If you are applying for Associate Membership, you do not need to attend these meetings, but we would appreciate it if you came and introduced yourself to the club.
  • Following the second reading, there will be a paper ballet vote of the current Full Members present at the meeting.
  • You’ll be asked to step outside and the membership will vote on your request for membership, the votes will then be counted and you will find out the decision immediately afterwards.
  • If you aren’t attending that meeting (Associates only), the Secretary will contact you with the decision.
  • Congratulations! You’re a BVKC Member!